Amateur Telescope Making

This is the first post concerning Amateur Telescope Making, which I plan to learn a lot about in the near future. I have done a lot of research and will undoubtedly do a whole lot more. A book was suggested to me by Ed Jones which has just arrived from Amazon. "How to make a telescope" by Jean Texereau, second edition. Ed was very helpful via email on a few initial questions I had. I have been looking into this art for a little while but I think the pinnacle moment was viewing the following video. When I initially saw it I had no idea who the teacher was, but I immediately knew I wanted to take a class from him. Unfortunately once I learned his name I knew exactly who he was and also that I would never ever meet this legend or attend one of his classes.

A few more links

Some Math

Math to determine Sagita (depth at center of mirror).

Depth = radius (half the diameter) of the mirror squared, divided by center of curvature (Twice the focal length) X 2

For a 10 inch mirror with a focal point goal of 8 feet (96 inches).
Radius = 5, squared = 25 / twice the focal length (96 X 2 = 192) X 2 = 384
25 / 384 = 0.06510416666666666666666666666667, or just plain .065 for short...

For another example:

For a 10 inch mirror with a focal point goal of 6 feet (72 inches).
Radius = 5, squared = 25 / twice the focal length (76 X 2 = 152) X 2 = 304
25 / 304 = 0.08223684210526315789473684210526, or just plain .082 for short...

A Few Links

Here are a few links worth bookmarking and a little description of what you may find there:

Amateur Telescope Making Resource. Lots of good reading here.

Telescope Mirror Blanks available and reasonable prices and complete grinding kits. Offering an 8.4 inch kit for $149.

Highly recommended Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 binoculars and tripod adapter.

Discovery Optics. Buy a completed mirror here. Offering 8 inch mirrors in F6, F7 and F8 for $299.

Zone number and radii calculator. Might be helpful later.

Other videos I have come across

Giving credit to a few other videos I have viewed and really learned a lot from:

Gordon Waite and series of his mirror making videos.
Sky At Night video, How to Grind A Mirror with Simon Lang and Terry Pearce.
Telescope Making [31c3] speaker Emmanouil "Madonius" Kampitakis
Grind a 6in and 10in mirrors by Carlos Paris.
Astronomy Podcasts episodes 327, 328 and 329 with Fraser Cain and Dr. Pamela Gay.


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