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Trump’s Election Attack Ends December 14—Whether He Knows It or Not

Fri, 11/27/2020 - 12:00
Despite the Trump campaign’s fight to overturn the election, the wheels of American democracy keep turning.
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The Best Black Friday Deals on Health, Beauty, and Sex Tech

Fri, 11/27/2020 - 11:00
Do you need some extra soothing? Possibly with LED lights? We found the best discounts on vibrators, skincare tools, and more.
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The Best Black Friday Deals if You Work From Home

Fri, 11/27/2020 - 10:00
Standing desks, monitors, keyboards—pad out your home office with this discounted gear.
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Burn Off That Turkey With These Black Friday Fitness Deals

Fri, 11/27/2020 - 07:00
These picks will help you get your sweat on, whether you're in a home gym, jogging down the road, or roughing it in the wilderness.
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Our 29 Favorite Black Friday Smart Home and Kitchen Deals

Fri, 11/27/2020 - 05:00
We're spending more time in our houses than ever. Let us help you out with robot vacuums, smart dog collars, and more.
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The Absolute Best Black Friday Deals Online

Fri, 11/27/2020 - 01:00
Stay at home this weekend! Here are the very best discounts we’ve found in every category and at all the major retailers.
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You Really Should Peek at These Black Friday TV Deals

Thu, 11/26/2020 - 23:00
From gorgeous OLEDs to 4K projectors to soundbars, here are the best discounts to improve your home theater this holiday weekend.
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Our Fave Headphone and Speaker Deals for Black Friday

Thu, 11/26/2020 - 17:00
These are our favorite audio deals this holiday weekend, from a pair of Beats to a smart speaker for your kitchen.
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The Ethics of Rebooting the Dead

Thu, 11/26/2020 - 14:00
The notion of resurrecting people as digital entities is becoming less hypothetical. But just because something can be done, doesn’t always mean it should.
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The 9 Best Smart Speakers With Alexa or Google Assistant

Thu, 11/26/2020 - 13:00
Chatty assistants from Google, Amazon, and Apple are popular. But which one is right for you?
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These Are the Very Best Laptop Deals for Black Friday

Thu, 11/26/2020 - 12:00
We scoured the web to find the best deals on notebooks, Chromebooks, external monitors, and more.
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Can I Save Money by Buying a ‘Dumb’ TV?

Thu, 11/26/2020 - 12:00
Every Black Friday we get the same question: “Do I have to buy a smart TV?” Well, the short answer is yes, if you want an HDTV that's worth the money.
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The Quest to Unearth One of America's Oldest Black Churches

Thu, 11/26/2020 - 12:00
First Baptist Church was founded in secret in 1776. It’s been hidden under a parking lot in Colonial Williamsburg for decades—a metaphor for the failures of archaeology and American history.
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Our Favorite Dyson Stick Vacuum Is $150 Off Now

Thu, 11/26/2020 - 07:00
The wireless Cyclone V10 is light, beautiful, and modular, and it helps me clean everything from carpets to couches to the trunk of my car.
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Every Great Black Friday Deal on Google Devices

Thu, 11/26/2020 - 04:00
Google has discounted its new Pixel phones this weekend, along with Nest speakers and other Google smart home devices.
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A 4K OLED TV for $900? This Vizio Deal Is a Steal

Thu, 11/26/2020 - 01:00
Vizio has finally broken the $1,000 mark with its gorgeous new 55 incher. This is the best Black Friday TV markdown around.
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Stay In and Get Cozy With These Black Friday Video Game Deals

Wed, 11/25/2020 - 23:00
We need to stay indoors and not travel for the rest of the year. Why not stockpile on Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox titles?
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Does the AstraZeneca Vaccine Also Stop Covid Transmission?

Wed, 11/25/2020 - 20:41
Vaccines can prevent symptoms, but some can also keep people from spreading infection. That’s critical, and no one knows if the new vaccines do it.
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The Last of Us Is Getting a TV Show, Which Seems Redundant

Wed, 11/25/2020 - 14:00
HBO is turning the wildly popular game into a series.
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Biden Must Repair—and Reinvigorate—Tech Diplomacy

Wed, 11/25/2020 - 14:00
The administration’s nomination of Antony Blinken is a good start. But mending the damage of the past four years will require a complete reorientation.
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